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Workboxes with Heart of Dakota

I just started using Heart of Dakota – Little Hearts for His Glory about a month ago and we are LOVING it!!  I went from planning 5+ hours on the weekend for our week with Five in a Row to being able to just glance through the day and go with the guide!!  AWESOME!!!  Sweetie Pea has also loved it, she asks to start school and loves to pick what we do next, which leads me to our workboxes.  Before Heart of Dakota I had 10 workboxes (with one thing each in them), Little Hearts for His Glory comes with nine parts that you do each day, so it works GREAT for us!  I made some workbox tags to go with the curriculum, each part has a little icon that I used for my tags instead of numbers.  I did have them on our cart on our boxes but we have migrated to different parts of the house or even outside instead of having our school all in one place, so instead I use a schedule card:

The way that Little Hearts for His Glory is setup you can pretty much choose what you want to do in any order (though it does help to do the History reading first because most of the other activities draw from the story).  This way I have all of our tags in one place and all of the books in my basket that go with each part and we can take them where we want and Sweetie Pea gets to choose which one to do next.  The bottom row is for extras that we don’t use everyday.  I printed everything in black and white (mostly because in the LHFHG guide they are black and white), colored them, laminated them and stuck velcro on the back of the cards and on the schedule sheet.  When we are finished with one of the parts we take it off the schedule and drop it in a cup, so when we are finished we are left with only the bottom row of tags. You could just leave those in the cup if you didn’t like them on the strip it’s just easier for me to keep track of them and switch them out if they are on there!

Here are my Heart of Dakota Workbox Tags for you to use if you would like!  I’d love to hear how you use workboxes with Heart of Dakota and if you need more tags I am willing to add them in or send you the original Publisher file if you would like to make changes, add more etc.  Also here is the planning sheet I use for my “workbox” system (I actually keep it in OneNote but I created a “hardcopy” style sheet if someone might keep track of their things that way!) LHFHG Planning Sheet.

Have fun!