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What’s on your coffee table?

I just watched this great devotional video by Jennifer Rothschild, take a listen (less than 4 minutes):

Wow, at first I thought I haven’t had many of those conversations that God would write down, but I was thinking about conversations between me and other women or adults.  I wasn’t thinking about the conversations I have with my kids everyday, I cannot believe how amazing it is that God would take note of those conversations.  I thought they were only for the purpose of teaching my child the way to go, but they are also for God, they let Him know what is in our hearts about Him.  So next time you are talking with your kids, spouse or anyone else about God remember that he is listening and even writing it down because he wants to hear what you have to say about Him.  How awesome is that!!

Here’s my “coffee” table(s), I don’t actually have a coffee table just two side tables.  This is generally what they look like…


When they are “cleaned” off they are pretty much empty except for a book or magazines.

What’s on your coffee table?  I’d love to hear or see!