Our new morning….

So one of my goals for the year was to be more intentional with our mornings. If you want to read about my Goals for 2012 you can do that here.  Last week my kids were not getting a long very well and attitudes were not great so I sat down and made a “schedule” (more of a routine), we started it and WOW, the difference it made is still a surprise to me. I’ve never been a real structured type person, I like to have a geneal plan and go with the flow. But, that just wasn’t working, too much time was being wasted, too much fighting and too much stress. Now my sweetie pea is doing her chores without being asked and both of them are loving our new morning storytime!! Wow! I should have done this a long time ago! So here is my new morning schedule/routine:

Morning Coffee

6:00am – my sweet little honey bee alarm wakes me up 🙂 now this is the hardest part of our new routine, I used to let him watch a TV show (or two) while I got a little more rest…. but now I’ve been trying hard not to turn the TV on. Some days are better than others… He is ok with this most of the time, he gets to read books or play his games on our iPad without his big sister bugging him. While he does this I get up and get my coffee (this is new too… I find the caffeine helps me make it through the afternoon without being so tired! 🙂 and try to read my Bible before I do anything else. This way I am also fulfilling my Bible reading goal, yay!

At 7:00 or when sweetie pea wakes up we have breakfast and get dressed for the day, yes we have an hour to do this….

At 8:00 we start our chores for the day, sometimes it takes us an hour sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it takes longer…

Between 9-9:30 we do our storytime and snack time, I make the snack, four small cups with something different in each cup. I try to have two salty snacks and two fruit type snacks or sweeter snacks. They also each get one marshmallow, I did this the first day as something special to get them excited about snack and stories. This has really made our storytime SO much fun. Something as simple as a marshmallow to get them excited about reading books together, I never would have thought!! I didn’t actually realize it until one day we were going to miss our storytime snack because we were going somewhere and my little honey bee was talking about books, how he wanted to read and wanting a marshmallow. I didn’t really understand until a little later I realized he mostly just wanted the marshmallow but he also knew that it was tied to our storytime!! How cool is that?! 🙂

Between 10-10:30 we do half of our school work, the stuff that honey bee can do with us. We use Heart of Dakota Little Hearts for His Glory. There are about 4-5 activities he can do with us so we do those with him, it includes our history reading, a rotating activity (Science, Dramatic Play, Thinking Game, Artistic Expression), what we call rhyme time (a fun movement rhyme that goes with the theme that week) and our bible memory verse with song. These are simple things that we can include him in without him being a distraction and I think he really enjoys being part of what his sister is doing.

Between 11-11:30 sometimes a little later we have lunch, depends on when we are done with our school stuff and when we are hungry.

At 12:30 I like to be getting honey bee to bed for his nap, he does still take a nap. I do hope it continues for a while especially with his early rising and sweetie peas need for less distraction while we finish our school work… We do the rest of our school work while he is sleeping, the stuff that sweetie pea has to work harder to focus on, Math, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Read-a-Loud Storytime.

Whew! That is our morning! The hardest part to get through is the stuff before 9, after 9 we seem to do pretty good with getting to the story and school work. It is SO nice to have half of our school work done before honey bee is in bed! If we are finished with the activity for that hour early the kids get playtime and I get some free time to finish up some chores or just have some time to myself! They seem to get a long better when they aren’t just trying to fill the morning with whatever they like. I think they like the routine of it, they know what to expect and know what’s coming so they can feel more secure. Well at least that’s what I hope is going on!! I like the new routine which makes it that much easier to stick to it!

I’d love to hear how you make it through your morning or what challenges you face when it comes to your mornings!


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