The Elusive Pooh Water…

The Elusive Pooh Water

So the other night we were going through our bedtime routine and I was getting beds ready making sure they had everything in them that they needed for the night.  The usual stuff, the special stuffed animals, all pillows put back in place, blankets pulled up and a water bottle so we don’t have the “I need another drink” issue.  I find that I am missing a water bottle, it’s Honey Bee’s Pooh water.   Yes, that’s what we call it.  I think it’s funny when he’s crying out for pooh water… we all need a little comic relief right?!   Anyway, I knew it was not in their bedroom, it was somewhere else…. but where?!  I’m pretty sure he had it when he came into our bedroom at 6am that morning, so I checked my bedroom, it was there!   BUT, while I was in there, I found the box of markers I had been looking for right before bedtime, so I grabbed the water bottle and the marker box.  Yay!  But that is where my distraction starts… instead of taking the water bottle back where it goes I decide since there are some makers that don’t have the lids on to take that first with the water bottle in hand.  I set the water bottle down to tend to the markers without lids, I can’t find a lid for one of the markers.  What should I do with it?  Hmmm… well I’lll just put it in the box and hopefully it won’t dry out too much.  Now what was I doing?  Oh, the kids need to get to bed.  So off I go not even thinking about the water bottle anymore, only to get frustrated with myself 10 minutes later when I realize that I don’t know where I put it.  I was able to retrace my footsteps and find it so kids were to bed and all was well.  But, it still left me frustrated with myself and glad that it was the end of the day so I could let my mind rest a bit before I started again tomorrow!


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