If you’ve never tried it you don’t know what you are missing!!  So here is my warning, beware it is VERY addicting and DISTRACTING for that matter!!!  To me Pinterest is a visual bookmark website.  You “pin” websites on to your “boards”.  The boards are like bookmark folders and the pins are the bookmarks.  The best thing and the reason why it is SO much better than bookmarks in your browser is because there are PICTURES!!!  You pin an actual picture of what you are bookmarking.  This is SO helpful for me because it is really hard for me to remember what a bookmark called “Toddler Workbox Ideas” was, but if I pin that page I can actually see a picture from the site of one of the ideas.  SO much nicer and more helpful when I’m actually looking for those ideas!

Now not only is it good for keeping track of your pins it also gives you suggestions from people that you follow on pinterest.  So if you follow someones boards on pinterest it will show you everything that they pin and you can then repin it to one of your boards if it is something you like too.  This is the addicting/distracting part.  There are ALWAYS new pins coming onto my pinterest main page, it is so fun to look through them and get ideas for any number of things.  It can also take a lot of your time, so you really have to watch it when you are on there!  You can check out my boards here:  Distractible Me on Pinterest.

The only draw back is that to sign up for a Pinterest account you have to have a Facebook account or a Twitter account.  I have found that if you do not want either of these accounts you can create a temp email address with gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. sign up for twitter with that email address.  So now you would have a twitter account with your temp email address, now ask someone on pinterest for an invite (I can send you one, just let me know!), the invite can go to either your temp account or your real account it doesn’t really matter.  Once you have the invite click the link and click to sign up through twitter.  Sign-in to twitter and it will take you through the pinterest sign up process.  Once you have answered all the questions you can change your email address in the settings to your actual address and change your password (you don’t actually have a password yet because you signed in through twitter) once you have that password set you no longer need the twitter account so you can delete it and the temp email address.  Now you have “tricked” pinterest and anytime it asks you to log in you can now use your email address and password that you set in your settings.

I hope you find it as helpful as I do in keeping my bookmarks in order, but I also hope that you can find a way to use it so that it doesn’t become stressful because you are spending too much time on the pinterest site!!  You never knew how creative you were until you start using pinterest!  Great ideas abound!  Be sure to follow me if you join, I’d love to follow you back!

Happy pinning!


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