Goals for 2012

Well here I am, it has been months since I’ve written on my blog. I have lots of excuses but really mostly it’s just that I’m afraid to share the real distractible me. The one that doesn’t have it all together, that doesn’t have a clean house in a week, that doesn’t always do my best as a teacher to my kids. So here I am asking you to keep following me on this journey of sharing life as distractible me. My top goal this year is to be willing to put my real life out here for all to see, to hopefully give you a laugh, some encouragement and someone to relate to.  It always helps me to know when I’m reading other blogs that I’m not the only one out there in this world that gets side tracked 10 times on the way to putting a load of laundry in the washer!!

So here are my goals:

  1. Post more on my blog 🙂  (starting today!)  Not just how to’s and helps but real life at my house.
  2. Become more intentional with our mornings – make a plan and stick to it.
  3. Plan and do more preschool type activities for my little Honey Bee.
  4. Have a read-aloud time other than nap/bedtime or school time.  Find fun books to read together from Honey for a Child’s Heart and other resources.
  5. Read more books for me – making time for this is really hard for me – too many distractions!
  6. Create – I learned to crochet last year and love it so I want to keep it up along with sewing, quilting and anything else that looks like fun.
  7. Be more intentional with my planning ahead – especially for holidays (my advent calendar was A LOT of work and I had to do it during advent… not good planning)
  8. Reduce clutter and be more organized in the everyday stuff.
  9. Journal – I’ve been using Penzu and really like it so far!  FREE online Journaling site!
  10. Try Roller Derby.
  11. Read my bible everyday and write about it in my journal.  It doesn’t matter how much I read, could be a verse or a chapter, it could be verses throughout, my goal is to read something from the bible everyday.

There they are, things I want to try to do this year and things I’m sure you will hear about on my blog this year.  I am hoping that writing them down and sending them out to the world that this will help me stick to it and create new habits to reduce the stress that distractible me creates!

Happy New Year!  What are your goals?  I’d love to hear about them!!


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  1. Love your post, especially the roller derby!!! Totally understand about the messy house, teaching out of your strengths and weaknesses. Love following you!

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