My Cleaning Schedule…

My original chore schedule....

Over a year ago I decided that I would try to figure out a way to make my cleaning chores less overwhelming because when I think that it’s bathroom cleaning day I dread the day before it comes and the morning it arrives.  I do not like the thought of having to clean all of the bathrooms, it just sounds like too big of a job to me.   So what I did was break my chores up, I started listing the things (other than the daily needs like dishes etc.) that need to be done on a routine basis – clean bathrooms (parts of the bathroom – counters, floors, toilet…), kitchen sink, vacuum, etc.  I divided them up putting on average of about 3 chores per day  of the week M-F.  I really LOVE doing my chores this way, by the end of the week I have a clean (if it can ever really be) house!  My daily chores have changed over the last year, I’ve switched them around to make them work better for the flow of cleaning supplies used and intensity.  By Thursday I am pretty burned out  with cleaning so I put the easy things on Thursday and Friday.  To go along with these chores I have Sweetie Pea’s chores line up with mine so her “extra” chore for the day helps me get my chores done!

Here is my current weekly chore list:


  • Change & Wash Bed Linens
  • Clean Kids Room(s)
  • Vacuum living areas (hence the reason for cleaning kids rooms?!? 🙂
  • Sweetie Pea’s Chore: Clean her room (she also helps clean up other areas for vacuuming and takes her own sheets off for washing, sometimes puts them back on too 🙂
  • Sweep & Clean Kitchen Floor (I use my Shark Steam Pocket Mop, I love that thing!)
  • Sweep & Clean Bathroom Floors
  • Clean Toilet Bowls only
  • Sweetie Pea’s Chore: Sweep the floors (she has been shacking rugs and she loves to help clean the toilets)

  • Clean Bathroom Counters &  Outside of the Toilets
  • Clean Kitchen Sink
  • Wash Towels
  • Sweetie Pea’s Chore: Clear Bathroom Counters (I also have her collect the towels for washing)

  • Dust
  • Clean Showers & Bathtubs (Bathrooms have been cleaned!!  YAY!)
  • Sweetie Pea’s Chore: Help Dust

  • Laundry
  • This is a day I might also do a once a month type thing to keep other not so dirty areas clean.
  • Sweetie Pea’s Chore: Put her clean clothes away
  • Clean up clutter from the week (honestly I don’t do this very well….)
  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping

I used to have a printed and laminated list that I hung on the refrigerator but that was too much work?! So I found an android app for my phone called Chore Checklist Lite it is free and you can enter your daily chores, weekly chores, biweekly and monthly chores.  I like this because I have it with me most of the time, it’s easy to check off and the best part is it cycles through for me, I can filter out checked off chores and it highlights overdue chores.  This has worked really well, I love to check my list off!!

So if you are struggling with getting all of your chores done, try breaking them down into smaller chunks.  Make them sound less overwhelming, no one says that the whole bathroom needs to be cleaned on the same day?!  At least I don’t think they do….

Have fun and relax your house will be clean in a week!!


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