Happy Birthday America!!

Fun 4th of July Projects!! Happy 4th of July!

It is so fun to celebrate the birth of our nation and what better way than with some fun craft projects?!  I realized that my sweetie pea didn’t have any red, white and blue in her wardrobe?!  So I decided to embark a craft project, a 4th of July tutu and a recycled festive shirt!!  It was super easy, cheap , the total cost was just over $7!!

First I created the tutu, it was actually pretty fun to make and it only took about two hours from beginning (and I mean pattern research and all) to the finished tutu!  So if you have a little more than an hour to spare this weekend you can make one too!  Even if you don’t you can change up the colors when you do have time and whip one up then!   You will need some tulle, I found mine at Hobby Lobby for a little more than a dollar a yard, which is pretty great compared to prices I was looking at online.  You can also buy spools of tulle, but they cost more and it really isn’t that hard to cut the tulle yourself, thanks to the tip I found on a YouTube video!  So I bought two yards of each color, red, white and blue, this turned out to be perfect for mine but if you have a bigger sweetie pea or smaller then you would need more or less 🙂 it also depends on how puffy you want it!   You will also need a ribbon or some elastic, I used some ribbon that I already had, I didn’t actually measure it but you will probably need around 60 inches or so, more is always better, you can cut it if it is too long but you can’t add to it!  Oh you will also need a pair of scissors and a ruler is helpful.   Now you are ready!!

Check out this tutorial “How to make a tutu no sew”  that is what I used to make mine, below are pictures of my process.

Getting the tulle ready...

I tied three strips of each color in a red, white and blue pattern.

Two hours later, a very fluffy tutu!

To go with the tutu we went to a local consignment store to find a 4th of July tank top or shirt, we found one but it was a little small, the price was right though, 25 cents!  So I bought it and decided to cut out the flag part and sew it onto a plain tank top that we already had.  This if a very easy thing to do if you have other t-shirts or clothing that you like and your kids have grown out of!!  It’s also a fun way to dress up a plain shirt or tank top!

Cut the shape out and set it on the "new" shirt and pin it on so it doesn't move when you are sewing it.

Sew the new shape on about 1/4 inch from the edge of the shape, be sure not to sew it to the back of the shirt!

Finished shirt, the edges look ruffly and you have a "new" shirt!

Now we are ready for the 4th of July!!   Happy Birthday America!!


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