Addition File Folder Game

If you don’t know what a file folder game is check out this site – File Folder Fun, then come back here and make an addition file folder game to help your little one learn their 1-10 addition facts!

I created this file folder game to help Sweetie Pea learn her addition facts.  Initially it was just match the number sentence to the answer (top of the file folder) or visa versa (bottom of the file folder).   After we tired of this “game” we made new ones, we turned them over and played a “matching” game where we took turns picking a card from the pile and put it where it goes.  We either played with the top or the bottom of the file folder, we haven’t played with them both at the same time but that could be fun too!

When I made this I forgot 4+4=8, so that is why there is an extra on the top and the bottom.  I have since fixed the file and made sure that 4+4=8 is included in the pdf you can download to create your own file folder game!  All you need is a file folder, two copies of each page of the Addition File Folder Game, a laminator (or contact paper would probably work if you print on cardstock) and adhesive velcro dots.

Glue/tape one copy of each page to the inside of the file folder.  I cut apart all the pieces before I laminated them, but I’m sure if you didn’t want to do that you could laminate the page and then cut them, though the lamination could start to come off if you do it that way, it would save a lot of time cutting though!  Then place the velcro dot in the middle on the top of each box (mine are on the left but when I rearranged the numbers to add in the 4+4=8 it worked better to place the velcro on the top) and then the matching velcro dot on each matching piece.  I then store the pieces in plastic bags (number sentences in one bag, answers in another bag) inside the file folder.

Now you are finished and ready to play!  Let me know if you come up with any other ideas on how to play this “game!”


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  1. Love this. And pinning it on Pinterest.

    BTW, I am organizing more swaps. The first one should be posted tonight with the others being posted soon after.

    • distractible-me

      Thanks for letting me know Brenda, I obviously didn’t look around your site much for swap info, sorry about that! I’d love to help with any part of the swap if you need it! Thanks for sharing my Addition file folder game!!

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