i ♥ my dishwasher!

You wouldn’t think the dishwasher would be the answer to a distractible kitchen but for me it has been a huge help!  I used to fill the dishwasher and run it when ever it needed done, it was an “on demand” dishwasher.  So any time of day it could be running or it could be full or needing emptied.  This was a huge distraction and even cause of stress for me and my kitchen.  Some days I would have dishes piled high waiting for the dishwasher to finish or for it to be emptied.  Other days we would fill it all day and then I would think, “I can fit a few more, I’ll run it after breakfast tomorrow”.  This would inevitably end up with me thinking I can fit a few more all day or forgetting to run it all day and then having to run it before dinner.  Then I would have all the dinner dishes sitting out all night (because who wants to hand-wash?!)!  Ugh.  So as you can see many things surrounding the dishwasher were causing me to be distracted during the day  or stressed out about when I would unload it (was not my favorite thing to do…) or when I would run it.

i ♥ my dishwasher!

Well, fear not, about six weeks ago we started running the dishwasher every day, right before we go to bed!  WOW!!  I must say this has been AMAZING!  Now when I get up in the morning while I get breakfast for the kiddos I unload the clean dishes and I start the day with an empty dishwasher!  This has made a huge improvement in how I feel towards my dishwasher and my kitchen in general!  YAY!  Now I am not piling as many dishes to be hand-washed, I put them in the dishwasher!  Saving time and causing me one less distraction when I am in the kitchen!  My dishwasher is now pretty full by the end of the day just because I am more liberal with what I put in it.  Instead of just dishes and glasses, I put in measuring spoons, food processor parts, you name it if it isn’t a pot or pan and says that it is dishwasher safe it goes in!   I like the routine of unloading in the morning, I used to avoid unloading it because I had to stop everything to get that done.  You can’t be distracted while unloading the dishwasher because someone might put a dirty dish in with the clean dishes?!   So not only has the dishwasher become my best friend it has saved me stress and distractions in my kitchen. So make your dishwasher your best friend, let it help you remove some distractions!  Or if you already do this (maybe I’m the last person to figure this out?!), try to think of other ways that you can minimize a distraction by creating a new routine.  Routines save me from a lot of distractions and I know I need to make more!

Now I better go unload the dishwasher…


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  1. That is awesome advice. I will try this as I too hate my dishwasher.

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