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In June 2010 I attended my first homeschool conference (NICHE), I was ready to figure this out!  I wanted to know how it was done, what I needed to do to teach my kids at home, what curriculum to buy and maybe even talk to some people that have done this for a while.  I was ready to start my journey and excited to learn new things!!  Well while I didn’t really learn a lot more or figure out much more about curriculum other than there is A LOT out there and there were too many people for me to find the right one to talk to, I did hear an amazing speaker.  Her name was Carol Barnier, she was easy to listen to, she makes you laugh and I totally related to her because I do many of the things she has done!  WOW!  There was another mom out there that sets out to do one thing, sees that the dryer is done, remembers I need to vacuum or figure out what’s for lunch and totally forget what I set out to do in the first place?!  The best thing about her talk was feeling like I wasn’t alone and that it was not totally crazy to be doing these things.  I also had something to blame my distractibility on now!  YAY!  I can just chalk it up to my distractibility how cool is that?!  😉  But really she also gave some very helpful tips and tricks to help with those distractible moments that come along.  While I am a distractible mom Carol also made it ok to be distractible, she thinks of it as “highly unregimented”, it sounds better that way!   God made me this way, it is ok, and I should embrace it and learn how to work with it rather than against it.

There are those moms out there that can start a task and finish it without being diverted; they seem so much more put together and maybe even better than me.  Carol made me feel so much more equal to them just in a different way and maybe even more fun sometimes?!  😉  I’m not saying that those moms are not fun or what they do is wrong at all, they are just differently wired than I am, it is very difficult for me to start and finish a task without at least several interruptions that then lead to diversions from my original task.  This is why I have created my blog, to share with you that it is OK to be a distractible mom, you are not alone out there in this world of what seems to be perfect moms that can get everything they set out to do done in one day.  I want to be real, I want to share some of my struggles with distractibility and some of my successes.  I want to be a distractible mom because God made me that way, I just need to make sure when there are moments when I need to focus I know how and can do that without causing stress or more work!

Now when I find myself distracted from my original task I find myself smiling to myself instead of frustrated or distraught.  I think, “Wow, I should write that down, I’m sure someone could have a good laugh over that!” (Maybe I will start writing them down and posting them here?!)  I’ve been reading the book pictured above “If I’m Diapering a Watermelon Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?” by Carol Barnier and of course I’ve been distracted by other things and have not finished it yet but will do so soon.  She gives many tips and tricks to help with distractions that pop up often for the “unregimented moms” out there.  If you are really struggling then it is a good read, mostly it gives you jumping off points to help spur thoughts on how to fix those common distractions in your day to day life.  My hope is to be an encouragement and jumping off point for you to become the woman of God that He wants you to be!!

Please let me know if you are struggling with distractibility in an area of your life that you would like help with.  I would love to search for fun new ways to reduce the distractibility in your life, I’m sure it will help me in mine too!!  I want to be the best wife, mom, domestic engineer, homeschooler, etc. that God has called me to be, so let’s share life together and rest in knowing you are not alone in this world of distractions!!


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  1. This is going to be my kind of blog keep posting. Hooray for all the “um’s” out there!!

    • distractible-me

      Thank you for reading!! I’m excited to share and encourage!! It is always helpful to know we are not alone in this distractible world!

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