SALSA Spanish


I discovered this program at Freely Educate and we have really enjoyed it and best of all it is FREE!  We usually watch it while we eat lunch (I know not a good habit but it makes lunch more fun to stop for?!)  There are 42 episodes but 30 of the episodes are only 15 minutes and they cut off the rest of the episode so it doesn’t finish or have closure for the story.  The other 12 episodes are full episodes of 30 minutes.  The other thing I found that was really hard was finding the videos on Georgia Public Broadcasting‘s site, you have to search through to get the episode you want they aren’t listed anywhere very nicely, so I spent some time making a list!

*** UPDATE ***

Georgia Public Broadcasting has refurbished their site and the Salsa site now lists all of the episodes and when you click the episode it has the video embedded in the page!  No more searching for hard to find videos!!  They have also edited the videos to be much more friendly and watchable.  We are on our second time through them all and are still enjoying them!  To access them click the List of Episodes link below!!!  Enjoy!!


The Asset/ID is the link to the episode on GPB!!  The ID’s that start with 4 are the episodes that are only 15 minutes, the ones that start with 8 are 30 minutes.  I don’t really think the episodes HAVE to be used in order though the quiz show episodes do use the words previously learned in the show.
Here are a few other links if you want to supplement the show:

List of Episodes



Wyoming Department of Education Resources there is a little arrow image next to Salsa Materials you have to click the arrow image to find the materials.  I just glanced at the site and clicked the other links trying to find the materials but couldn’t seem to find them until I spent a little more time looking and clicking!

I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do!  We love watching baby oso!!  This has been a fun way to introduce Spanish into our family, even my two year old has learned many of the Spanish words!!

Have fun!


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  1. Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you I gave up on Salsa because finding the order of the videos took so long. I will go back to use this now:)

  3. Thank you so much!

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